Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Life

Podcast: The Quantum Mindcast

podcast2 What is Time?
What is time, and what does it have to do with consciousness? In this episode we’ll take a look at what science says about time and how it relates to things like free will and consciousness. While time itself can’t be fully defined and seems to be either a fundamental property of the universe, or […]

5-Minute Quantum Physics Video Tutorials

Blog The Three Polarizer Paradox: 5-Minute Quantum Physics
A tutorial on the “three polarizer paradox”. Actually the stuff we see in this tutorial won’t be all that paradoxical, just a little unexpected perhaps. The real “paradox” will emerge in the next tutorial when we look at photons. Nevertheless, we need to know how things look classically before we start messing about with semi-hypothetical […]


Blog Could Consciousness Have Evolved?
I suspect the article that I’m about to write is going to annoy almost everyone, except for those who enjoy exploring genuine mysteries, even mysteries that challenge their existing beliefs. Consciousness is a very woolly term, so lets focus on just one particular aspect of it, with which we’re all too familiar — the experience […]

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8 thoughts on “Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Life

  1. ron

    do you plan to continue with the consciousness podcast sometime? I really enjoyed it , and I’m looking for ideas in this direction. the idea of turning the universe inside out , like the name of one of your episodes, is quite an appealing one, but it’s very hard to build a theory out of it. I watched peter russels “The Primacy of Consciousness” which have similar ideas but doesn’t seem to do much with it. also allen watts – a great speaker and a great interpreter of eastern philosophy, but still – no real concrete connection to modern physics. anyway, I will be very happy to ear the continuation of the podcast. weather you were able or not to connect the dots. you have a very elegant and intriguing way of podcasting.

    1. John Post author

      Thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten about this whole project :) Maybe I will continue it. I was thinking of starting again in some form, because it seems like my podcast comes across as a bit vague, and in my head it’s not really so vague …. Very hard to make a theory of physics out of it, for sure, but I can see a way forward at least. Anyway, glad you liked it!

  2. Owen

    Keep up the good work chap, I’ve been searching for challenging material like this for ages and really enjoy the way you present this whole field. Totally natural and engaging combined with fascinating theories…can’t wait for more!


  3. jai

    Thanks a ton John,
    I am an engineer with meager resources and am from India. I thought of learning programming language.I learnt PL/SQL but somehow got tired as most courses are costly,second travel time in our country is too high as well as its too strenuous for people working like me.
    As i have completed around 12 videos of Java i found it not only presented extremely well but highly recommended to everyone who like to learn at the comfort of their home/office and who have very little money .Thanks for yeoman service rendered for cause of educating plenty like me and in India we respect our teacher or GURU .My humble thank you to you my GURU .

  4. Ahmed

    Hello John,

    Again amazing videos and great work. In Germany they say ” Wissen ist Leben ” which means knowledge is life.
    Please, keep it up. I am very interested in physics and I love your tutorials.


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