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Could Consciousness Have Evolved?
I suspect the article that I’m about to write is going to annoy almost everyone, except for those who enjoy exploring genuine mysteries, even mysteries that challenge their existing beliefs. Consciousness is a very woolly term, so lets focus on just one particular aspect of it, with which we’re all too familiar — the experience […]

The Creation: God, Big Bang or Us?
The question of why the universe exists is a difficult one for both religious people and pure materialists. While a believer may say that God created the universe, this only begs the question of where God came from. In my podcasts, I present the idea that matter is not what the universe is fundamentally made […]

What is Time?
Time seems to be one of those things like “likelihood” which can’t be defined in terms of other things; only via circular definitions. But there are some things that we can say about it. Recently I was trying to figure out what the distinguishing characteristics of time are, other than the fact that we feel […]

Teaching a Computer to Speak
Recently I’ve been wondering if it might be possible to create a computer out of fungus or plant cells. The idea is it’d work like a “neural network” in computing. You’d supply certain inputs in the form of electrical stimulation and get certain electrical outputs. If you got appropriate outputs for a given input, you’d […]

What Is Meant By “Position”?
We are accustomed to thinking that physical objects have “positions” which we can come along and measure. We think of the position of a thing as being a property of the object and as existing to an infinite degree of accuracy, even though we never measure positions to an infinite degree of accuracy. But is […]

Michio Kaku on Free Will: Why Science Says Free Will Exists
The physicist Michio Kaku on free will: I came across this short video on YouTube and couldn’t resist posting it. To be honest, the fact that Michio Kaku would defend free will surprises me. I had him pegged (for no reason but idle prejudice) as a “free will is an illusion” guy. In this video […]

Ram Dass and Terence McKenna in Prague
This is a really great YouTube discussion between Terence McKenna and Ram Dass, also known as Richard Alpert, filmed in Prague. Both of these guys have spent their lifetimes engaged with the idea that the outer world is somehow a projection of the inner mind, and that by changing the inner mind we can, and […]

Timothy Leary: Crazy or Ahead of His Time?
Timothy Leary, in case you don’t know, was a psychologist at America’s prestigious Harvard University. At the age of around 40, he began to study the effects of the chemical psilocybin (the active ingredient in “magic” mushrooms) and later LSD. Both substances were entirely legal at the time. Before long his studies began to appear […]

European Food Safety Authority Claims Profound Knowledge of Consciousness
It seems the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has astonishing insights into the very nature of being, far beyond anything philosophers or scientists have been able to attain. I may as well give up working on this site before I’ve even started it. Crabs, apparently, are not sentient (mere machines!) while “higher” animals are sentient. […]