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A podcast about consciousness, quantum physics, the mind-body problem and other stuff like that.

What is Time?
What is time, and what does it have to do with consciousness? In this episode we’ll take a look at what science says about time and how it relates to things like free will and consciousness. While time itself can’t be fully defined and seems to be either a fundamental property of the universe, or […]

A New Scientific Revolution?
Do we need a new scientific theory of metaphysics, and if so, what might that theory look like? In this episode, the first in a very long time, we’ll talk about why materialism just doesn’t work and why many philosophers miss the point on materialism. We’ll go over some of the reasons why materialism doesn’t […]

Is the Universe a Giant Fractal?
Modern science propounds the view that the universe, in all its complexity, was created from simple starting conditions following some simple rules. But what if science has it the wrong way round? What if the universe only exists as far as our momentary experience of it, and it is our experience itself that is being […]

Does Anything Really Exist?
Very little, if anything, about our experience of the world proves that the physical world really exists independently of ourselves. In fact, the notion of existence is a somewhat badly-defined notion, and many possible mathematical models of reality might fit our experience. Many of us believe that things exist independently of us and look for […]

Turning the Universe Inside Out: Quantum Mindcast Episode 5
View the universe from a new perspective with the help of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. In this episode we’ll discuss a remarkable book and an equally remarkable idea; the idea that large parts of what we think of as external reality are in fact created by our brains as a sort of theatre […]

Can There Ever Be a Grand Unified Theory of Physics? – Quantum Mindcast Episode 4
How mathematical theories show us that we can never have a complete theory of physics — or even the human mind, it seems. In this podcast we’ll descend to the most fundamental level of rational enquiry and delve into mathematics to ask whether it really makes sense to think that we can capture ultimate truth […]

Free Will and Quantum Physics – Quantum Mindcast Episode 3
Free will is not an illusion; why the laws of quantum mechanics show us that our sensation of "free will" cannot be proved to be any kind of illusion. In this episode we'll look at what quantum mechanics is and roughly how it works; we'll talk about the relevance of quantum mechanics to consciousness, and […]

Mary’s Room and the Theory of Evolution – Quantum Mindcast Episode 2
Episode 2 of the Quantum Mindcast. In this episode we’ll take a look at a couple of intriguing thought experiments that help to shed light on the nature of consciousness and physical reality; namely, Frank Jackson’s “Mary’s Room” and John Searle’s “Chinese Room”. We’ll also talk about the Theory of Evolution and why it’s not […]

Are We Machines? – Quantum Mindcast Episode 1
The Quantum Mindcast is here: a podcast about consciousness and quantum physics. In this episode: The world is a projection of the mind – Introducing the Quantum Mindcast – The mind-body problem – Why there’s little point discussing stuff like telepathy – Schrödinger’s Paradox – Are we machines? – How the brain works – Three […]