Is the Universe a Giant Fractal?

Modern science propounds the view that the universe, in all its complexity, was created from simple starting conditions following some simple rules. But what if science has it the wrong way round? What if the universe only exists as far as our momentary experience of it, and it is our experience itself that is being built up following simple rules? Indeed, science seems to be verging on contemplating this very idea when it contemplates the strangeness of quantum mechanics. In this episode, we’ll leap right ahead and contemplate the unthinkable possibility that we are generating the universe as we go along, much like a computer generates a fractal image.

Quantum Mindcast

In this episode:

Materialism makes it hard to explain free will and Schrodinger’s cat – missing considerations from the materialist viewpoint – could everything exist in our minds? – what is the mechanism by which the mind constructs reality, if it does? – Mandelbrot and his fractals – infinite complexity – similarity between physical universe and Mandelbrot fractal – Big Bang and Gödel – our experience could be generated much like a fractal – Hindu/Buddhist metaphysics – we all automatically apply certain mathematical rules in our minds in observing or creating the world – why is the universe full of unexpected stuff? – why can’t we walk through walls or defy gravity? – what is it that all measurements of position have in common? – the hack at the centre of quantum physics

Featured Music: “Nimrod” from the Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar

5 thoughts on “Is the Universe a Giant Fractal?

  1. Mark Dixon

    Hi John. It’s been a while since the last podcast was posted… When do you expect to get some more up here? I’ve found them interesting, while not always agreeing with your line. I’m keen to hear some more. Cheers.

    1. John Post author

      Hi Mark, I’m hoping to get back to this really soon. I’ve been busy finishing off a programming course, but now finally it’s almost complete! I’ve almost run out of things to say in the podcast really, but there will be at least one more. After that I’m thinking about going through the same kind of material again but breaking it down into much smaller chunks with more detail, in a new podcast for this site.

  2. Mark Dixon

    Thanks for the update John.

    I’m actually doing your Perl course on Udemy, and found my way to this site via I enjoy your relaxed, and relaxing, training style and am, like you, interested in understanding how the universe works.

    I look forward to hearing more from you here.


  3. Anne-Marie

    Hello, just had to mention that I am listening again, first time last year to your podcast’s. I am enjoying them imensely having an interest in Quantum physics. Came to this subject late in life, but have an instinct to learn more. You have an ability to explain in a understandable way a topic I sadly did not learn in school. I find the poscasts extremely entertaining and educational. Every time I listen ,I learn more. Your take on fractuls and Schrödinger’s cat is thought provoking. Your choice of music enhances the learning of this fascinating topic. Thank you so much and look forward to further podcasts. By the way….. Why you do not have a similar mainstream show such as Brian Cox is a mystery!

    1. John Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been planning to restart these podcasts recently … I recorded one but it wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe next few days.


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