A New Scientific Revolution?

Do we need a new scientific theory of metaphysics, and if so, what might that theory look like? In this episode, the first in a very long time, we’ll talk about why materialism just doesn’t work and why many philosophers miss the point on materialism. We’ll go over some of the reasons why materialism doesn’t work and we’ll get into how physics might change, becoming more “metaphysical”, to produce a new alternative to materialism.

Quantum Mindcast

In this episode:

New podcast format – materialism, the dominant philosophical outlook of scientists – Isaac Newton and “gravitas” – Faraday and his fields – consciousness as an epiphenomenon – why consciousness could not have evolved according to strict contemporary materialism –
the evolution of states – why do emotional states synchronise with physical states – infinities in space – states in quantum mechanics – the Copenhagen Interpretation – the Problem of Measurement – Richard Feynman’s pronouncement on quantum physics – the brain as a chaotic system – perception of photons – neurons and firing – firing, neurotransmitters at synapses and ion migration – Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason – all we know is our interpretation of the universe – hemispheric neglect – the need for a more detailed definition of existence – solipsism and its problems – what operations are common in all measurements of position? – other people seem to exist – why do we all observe the same things? – how determinism rescues a form of solipsism, if you want it to – “fractals” as a model of the universe – the problem raised by free will – the possibility of a metaphysics theory of physics – subconscious vs conscious – how we do a huge number of things consciously but have no memory of them – are meditation and LSD any use for metaphysics? – the next mindcast

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